Eye of the Tornado (The Fourth Dimension, Volume Book 3)

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One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. The book is about adventure and action. There was slight affection romantically between two characters but is put in the background.

By Herman Melville

The continuing action in this book kept me on edge. The main young characters are very full to the extent that sometimes I had to put some assuming of their futures aside because I couldn't always guess. That's what marks this book as good. The plot is well put together as are the many side and back stories. One person found this helpful. A history in the future, mankind's hatred of the machines that almost destroyed them, are being used to take control of not just earth, but all people every where. Two brothers vie for control for vastly different reasons. A book that is hard to put down, with a well written story.

Well, the story line was pretty good; a mix of past and present, tech and non-tech, humans and aliens, good and evil. I like the premise and the part of the story that I was allowed to read -- because all of a sudden, the book just ended! Like someone tore out the last few pages of the book so there is no end to this story. Or this part of the story being told through several books. And that's why 2 stars. I would've given it 4 or possibly 5 because I feel what I read was quite good and interesting. But I am definitely NOT a fan of books without a story ending properly, with closure.

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Sure, some call them "cliff hangers" but I like to have that warm fuzzy feeling when I finish a book, not some ' he's up against the wall with all his friends down and his enemy raises his weapon for the final blow and This series is probably one of the best series I've read in the past 3 years. Incredibly well-written, I could see and sense every gust of wind and every emotion.

Written in Manga style, I felt right at home with all of the characters. If you haven't read the entire series, the first book ends in a cliff-hanger so deep I about gave up on it. But trust me when I say Oh my goodness, this was an incredible series. To sum it up Read and reviewed By Timothy Imagine a world with planet Earth under a different name with virtually no technology Where humans have descended to a most primitive level and where the use of Technology is forbidden.

Now Imagine a space fleet whose Admiral claims peace but slaughters anyone any race any species that dares to defy the Armada's wishes. You now have the baseline for Key To The Stars. Toggle navigation Home.

Contact Copyright Privacy. Home Eye of the Tornado The Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Eye of the Tornado by Kevin Domenic on Apple Books When he writes action Domenic is astounding — unfortunately for the reader we have to plod through a lot of tedious nonsense to enjoy these all too brief moments. Kevin Domenic!

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At one point, he compares his mathematical constructions with those of an alien species who have A Game of Consequences Two reckless researchers at "The Mathematics Institute" undertake dangerous "quantum" research based on mathematical mumbo-jumbo like "translating her mathematical intuitions into appropriate quasi-shapes The Ganymede Club A group of space explorers attempt to protect the secret that they are no longer aging in this well written SF novel.

Although these essentially immortal characters are not especially mathematical, The Gates of Heaven The plot concerns a mathematician whose career has been monotone decreasing. But he comes alive again when a SETI project finds a human message coming from 12 light years away. It seems somebody must have fallen into something like a black hole and our hero tries to understand what happened. That may seem weird, but the author assures us that such fantastical things are always happening in Vienna. A 21st century physicist repeatedly travels back in time for short visits to the 20th century as a result of her experiments at the Large Hadron Collider.

For completely unexplained reasons, she always The story revolves around an ancient stone artifact found near Cairo which has engraved markings of slanted lines. In an incredible non-sequitor, one of the characters in the story guesses that the numbers Far in the future, a human explores a giant fractal construction which is a physical realization of the total knowledge of the creatures which created it long ago. In the process he learns about more.

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Genghis Khan and As one might guess from the title of the literary journal in which it was published "Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens 4" , this story is a bit strange. According to the author, it is absurdist Georgia on My Mind The story has to do with Babbage's Analytical Engine and a remote region of Antarctica the "Georgia" of the title. The mathematics bit, aside from Babbage, consists of a nonlinear optimization Getaway from Getawehi Colin Kapp has written a few stories which have some good, hard SF mixed up with highly tongue-in-cheek, believable flights of fancy.

The present story is set on the single planet, Getawehi, of a rogue The Ghost from the Grand Banks The topics change from the Titanic to a giant octopus but a central one is the Mandelbrot set. We are introduced to mathematician-cum-computer wizard Edith Craig who invents software to fix the Y2K The Gimatria of Pi For example, it is portrayed as predicting the assassination of Yitzhak The Girl with the Celestial Limb Although recognized as mathematically talented in school, Jane Cole hid from all things intellectual after having a frightening epiphany regarding infinity.

Math, however, seemingly exacts its revenge Global Dawn Geometry, especially the notion of the "tilted square", plays a mathematical as well as a spiritual role in the ambitious project undertaken in this novel. According to the author, "The protagonist aims It also explains in a crystal-clear way some very abstract notions of topology of surfaces, and Glory The story talks about a xenomathematician's quest to understand hieroglyphic tablets on an alien planet containing the mathematical knowledge of an extinct civilization.

The extinct aliens had apparently The God Patent After his life falls apart, an engineer tries to revive a collaboration with the fundamentalist Christian with whom he once wrote two patents based on the Bible. While he viewed these patents for what The God Wave A neuroscientist and mathematician team up to boost the intellectual power of some experimental subjects by altering their brain waves in this techno-thriller. Math is frequently mentioned throughout A short story based on an interesting premise that at some point in the near future, mankind will stop making interesting, fundamental discoveries because we have too much knowledge and too much apparatus Gomez The Gostak and the Doshes Highly Rated!

In this classic science fiction story, a mathematical physicist convinces his friend to try to travel into another dimension by merely altering the way he thinks about things.

Red Tornado

The friend finds himself The Grand Wheel This is primarily space opera, but with a mathematical element in the fictional discovery of randomatics: a science which shows that the Gambler's Fallacy is true under certain conditions, enabling random The Grass and Tree The Banach-Tarski paradox is invoked repeatedly as the underlying explanation for shapeshifting. And higher-dimensional generalizations prove crucial to the plot. The author goes so far as to cite Habitus There is no doubt that this novel is a work of mathematical fiction, but I'm not sure how to describe it.

I think the best word for it may be "uneven". It does some great things, both presenting some Hamisch in Avalon This story marks the return of the Yiddishe mystic Izzy and his daughter in-law now a math professor Hamisch previously encountered in Izzy at the Lucky Three. There isn't as much math in this story, The Heart on the Other Side A math professor and his beloved girlfriend try to imagine how they could win the approval of her father for their marriage.

She laments that he could only do so by being helpful in her father's profession, Heavy Weather Tornado weather in Texas gets worse over the coming decades, and a team headed by a supergenius mathematician confronts the ultimate tornado. Includes explicit summaries of his mathematical prowess surprisingly, not chaos theory and of his complete social incompetence not a surprise, I suppose.

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Herbrand's Conjecture and the White Sox Scandal The idea is that the mathematical logician Jacques Herbrand who actually did die in a mountaineering accident Hidden in Glass A murder mystery involving a mathematical physicist. One Professor Brainard, who is claimed to have mastered "the secret of the fourth dimension" haven't they all in the pulps?

The Fourth Dimension Chapter 2 - The Key To Putting Your Faith To Work For A Successful Life.

Hilbert's Hotel Another take on the idea attributed to lectures by David Hilbert that the bizarre properties of the countably infinite can best be presented through the analogy of a hotel. Here, Mr. His Master's Voice In this book, we follow the investigations of a team of scientists and mathematicians trying to figure out the meaning of an apparent "message" being sent through space. The novel is written with "tongue Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Everyone ought to read this trilogy of four or is it five now?