#6 - Maturity-Increasing Prophetic Poems & Parables (In That Day Teachings)

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This is a very crude understanding of what Christ intended. We are the channel for bringing His will into every decision and activity on Earth- as it is in Heaven. We choose to give up the things we love in order to see the love of God manifested in the world. We give up our pleasure and comforts to bring comfort to the world. We give up these and other things in order to change the world by the power of God. When we give up our life in order to follow Christ, we are given abundant and eternal life. When we give up OUR life in other ways, we receive something greater, better, eternal, and not perishable.

We accept that this is true when we receive eternal life from Christ, but we resist this truth when we are faced with empowering our ministry. It is the flesh which is the enemy of the work of the spirit.

An Almost Made Up Poem // Charles Bukowski

If we want to pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, we will always have to first overcome the flesh because it is our enemy. Prayer is the most important thing we will do on Earth, second only to our worship of God. The highest form of worship is to give our life to Him. This surrender of our life to Christ out of love is the path to power and authority. Scripture makes prayer seem simple, but not all we need to know about prayer is immediately evident.

Here are 3 things that you must know in order to get your prayers answered. This is the 7th in an 8 part series on Prayer.

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We have divided the obstacles to answered prayer into 2 categories: In the previous post, we talked about prayer for our self and the foundation of answered prayer being our relationship with God. All power has been given to Jesus and He in turn has passed on that power to us.

1. Ancient Jewish Hermeneutics

That process has been modeled to us by the Children of Israel who traveled through the wilderness from Egypt to the Promised Land. Each step of their journey represents the challenges we must overcome in order to receive the power and authority Jesus has acquired for us. This is the foundation of powerful prayer. Scripture tell us that the challenge for every Christian is to overcome the devil, the world, and the flesh. Jesus was tempted 3 times at the end of His wilderness experience and denounced the power of these 3 enemies over Him.

So how did Jesus overcome these obstacles? Here are the tools for powerful prayer when the devil is your main opponent. Faith Faith is important to successful prayer. Jesus said He has given us authority over every work and form of the devil Luke Believing comes from seeing our prayers change things. The more we practice prayer using Jesus as our model, the more we build up our faith. Understanding that Jesus has seated us with Him at the right hand of the Father is critical to praying with authority. The potential, however, is there to do amazing things through our prayers and actions.

Positions of authority bring a trickle-down effect which provides and open door for the Kingdom of Love to overcome its enemies. There are two more obstacles to answered prayer which occur when praying for individuals.

Jesus Never Tarries

Some people have had experiences including with God in which they were disappointed. This type of obstacle takes ongoing and focused prayer effort to overcome. Declarations confessions of freedom spoken out loud, intercession, and forgiveness of sins are all part of the tools for overcoming this prayer challenge. Jesus explains another obstacle we face when we pray for individuals in the parable of the sower.

The good seed falls upon hardened ground which we talked about above. It also is choked out by weeds which He describes as the cares and worries of this world. This is a picture of indifference, self-sufficiency, and fear of not having enough. The forgiveness of sin is our tool to bring change to the situation.

Current Issues

Once the sin and its influences are removed, people are able to hear and respond to God. The second part of overcoming this prayer challenge is to build a scenario in prayer in which God can reveal His love, faithfulness, and blessings to them in a way they can receive them.

Be creative, be specific, be bold in your prayers. Jesus has secured all the tools we need in order to win every battle with our enemies; we need to learn how to use them. This is the 7th in a series of 8 posts about prayer. Please invite your friends to join the conversation. In order to get more answers to prayer, we have to understand the spiritual realm and the obstacles that threaten the success of our prayers.

Here are a few of the tools for overcoming prayer obstacles. This is the 6th in an 8 part series on Prayer. The picture we get of prayer in scripture would make anyone think that it is simple. He promised that if two or more agree on anything, it shall be done by His Father in heaven Matt. Scripture also says that everyone who came to Jesus received what they asked for; furthermore, Jesus said that God already knows what it is we need and want, but He instructs us to ask anyway.

These are great promises and models for prayer which should encourage us to pray. Obviously, not everything we need to know about prayer is immediately evident in scripture.

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There are certainly other things to learn about getting answers to prayer. The first post of this series underscores that prayer is part of the bigger conversation which exists in our relationship with God. In that relationship, there are many types of prayer. There are questions in which we ask for answers to things we want to better understand. There are expressions of joy and sorrow and praise for God which arise in our daily life and walk with Him. There are also requests for things we need or want for ourselves, which God says He delights in hearing and answering.

Some people feel guilty about asking for things for themselves, but scripture makes it clear there is abundant provision laid up for us which God wants to give us. It would be wrong not to ask for what He has provided! Our prayers for the things we need are sometimes hindered by the limitations in our relationship with God. All prayer is a product of relationship but the depth of our relationship can limit what we are able to receive from Him. We come with our list and recite our requests, but He desires to give us even more than what we ask — Himself.

Jesus faced this problem when the disciples asked to receive positions of authority in His Kingdom.

The request was immature. He was about to give them all authority, but He could not give them positions of honor in His Kingdom. Honor is given to those who humble themselves as Christ did. The purpose of the allegory is to give high standing to persistence, because it should drive us to pursue answers to our unanswered prayers. Praying for people or situations brings a whole new set of obstacles to prayer, than when we pray for ourselves. We are challenged in scripture to overcome the flesh, the devil, and the world. We do not naturally believe in His love for us, because we have never known unconditional love.


The Bible and the Canon: The Inspired Word of God IV

Our unbelief separates us from God and blames Him for our sorry state. This is the nature and work of the devil according to scripture. Our prayers have different obstacles when we are praying to take back ground which has been under the oppression of the devil and his work. This is the 6th in a series of 8 posts about prayer. This is the 5th in an 8 part series on Prayer. Prayer is more than getting what we want from God; it is relationship and a tool to overcome evil on the Earth. Jesus offers us an amazing promise in scripture about getting what we want and need in prayer. The problem is that the experience people have of prayer is usually quite different from that scripture.

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Unanswered prayers are disappointments to us and often hurt our faith and confidence in prayer. Some people have ended their relationship with God because they blame Him for not answering an important prayer. Their child-like mis-understanding of Him and prayer lead them to cover-ups like: On one occasions when an answer to prayer was not forthcoming I was asking for understanding.