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Though Enkidu is bolder than most men, he is also less pious than he should be. Like all men, Enkidu bitterly regrets having to die, and he clings fiercely to life. The Epic of Gilgamesh. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Important Quotations Explained. Characters Enkidu.

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Take a Study Break. Seeking for a strong opponent with his imperishable body.

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  • His refined fist. Where it's heading. The hammer to defeat darkness. Earns a reputation as a disaster. To redeem a pledge with his lost friend. Enkidu is a being formed from clay and water by Aruru, the goddess of creation, to rid Gilgamesh of his arrogance. But instead him and Gilgamesh become best buddies and they just kind of hang out.

    Eventually Enkidu and Gilgamesh accidentally kill a really neat bull and make Ishtar really mad. When at mid-close range Enkidu's footsies are pretty strong, but his tools to get in are fairly lacking. He doesn't have any projectiles or full screen normals like most of the cast, so he has a hard time mounting offense from far away. While his run speed is okay it translates into one of the worst dash blocks in the game, making it hard for Enkidu to gain ground against an opponent who doesn't want him in.

    Once he gets in Enkidu's mix-up is fairly modest, but his damage is pretty high, especially with the bonus damage he gets from Havoc. Most of the time Enkidu's game plan will be to close in and then pressure by delaying strings to catch mashing and either using normals with strong hitboxes to counterpoke when at minor disadvantage or by using his counters to make the opponent scared to hit buttons. Enkidu is a character that has to play fairly differently depending on the matchup, since which of his normals are especially good and the spacings at which his counter will be effective change drastically depending on the character.

    When damage values are listed twice, once in parenthesis that means it's part of a multi-hit move that typically does not hit by itself. The first value is for the damage assuming it did not hit on its own. The second value is its unscaled damage. Two punches in rapid succession. Good pressure tools, can be canceled on either hit but cannot be self canceled on block.

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    Charged version of 5C - a slow 3-hit overhead, but allows Enkidu to sideswap with his opponents. On hit this will become a hit-throw, but don't be fooled, it's just an overhead. Because the hit-throw animation isn't special cancelable any special move you buffer will only come out on block, so cancel into something safe or at least a frame trap cause at you're absolutely going to get punished if you just let it recover.

    Charged version of Enkidu's 2C.

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    Does more damage and moves Enkidu much closer to the opponent, can be useful when people are OSing by delaying buttons. Enkidu jumps up and does a two-sided punch, one slightly below and in front of him, and one slightly above and behind him. Staple for juggle combos, but easy to whiff as a jump-in. Better as an air-to-air although it has the most consistent cross-up hitbox.

    Downwards angled kick at about 45 degrees.

    Enkidu's Mother [Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia]

    Good jump in and the least-likely of his jump normals to whiff. You can do this asap after an assault to get an "instant overhead", you need to chainshift and do a falling j. A in order to combo off it, but it's probably Enkidu's strongest mix-up option.

    Less angled kick than his jB, but does more damage and has a followup in exchange. Used in juggle combos and whacky assault fakeouts. Enkidu jumps forward a little and does a followup spin kick after 5B. Can be slightly delayed after 5B to catch mashers, and a combo staple. Followup that uses 4C's animation. Can be slightly delayed in order to do a solid damage, but the window is tight. Cancels into Enkidu's next set of specials. You're gonna see this a lot. Swift rising punch to the opponent's face. Can be slightly delayed to reset for extra damage, but the window is tight.

    Launches the opponent on hit. Enkidu hunches down and does a rising shoulder tackle. Depending on where you delay the string, if at all, it does differing amounts of damage.

    Chapter Two. Enkidu’s First Steppe: Competing Portraits Of Enkidu In Yale And Penn

    Decent amount of knockback, unsafe on block. Enkidu jumps up and does a divekick through the opponent. Uses jA's animation, but sidewaps instead of landing in front of the opponent. Advantage is worse against standing opponents. Enkidu rolls forward, plants one hand on the ground, and shows his ankles to the world.

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    Launching kick that can be followed with 6C, though the timing is tight. Good anti-air and a good normal to OS with for crouch tech, although the angle doesn't quite cover everything. Useful as a launcher in combos as well. Enkidu has made it his goal to roll. Rolls about half-fullscreen. Does slightly more damage but is fairly obvious - however, it's projectile invincible. Enkidu stomps on the ground and thrusts both hands forward, making a barrier in the air.

    Enkidu kicks over the opponent's head. Not an overhead. Creates a small wave on the ground when Enkidu's foot comes down.

    The wave has its own hitbox and hits mid. Charged version of 6C, with a slightly bigger wave on impact. The kick is now an overhead! Slightly more pushback on the opponent if the wave hits. Spinning axe kick that launches the opponent significantly backwards on hit.