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Experience helps. We have to practice saying no. As we mature, we will naturally get better at discerning which activities will yield fruit and which distractions can be cut out, and we will gain confidence in making hard choices. No is not a bad word. For pastors and other congregational leaders, the reluctance to say no can be a problem.

God’s Gift of Time

Early in my career it would pain me to turn down a request for a meeting or an invitation to speak somewhere. Then a wise nurse from our parish convinced me that people respect us more when we know and explain our limits. Besides, God has given gifts to many people throughout the church, so we can share in the work. By saying no more frequently, I could share both the burden and the joy of being in ministry with others.

God’s Gift and Promise to Israel for All Time

Focus where God has given you gifts and callings. God gives us clues about what activities we should focus on. Everyone has different gifts. The abilities with which God has entrusted us offer signs about which activities we should pursue.

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Following a calling means pursuing some activities to the exclusion of others. Realizing that God means for us to do some things and not others makes it easier to say no to some opportunities, because we are being true to God when we do so.

Pray and reflect. Taking stock of our gifts through prayer and reflection can help.

Proud to Stand in Solidarity With Israel

I have in my journal this list: 1 pray; 2 listen to your heart and what gives you satisfaction; 3 write down where your strengths lie; and 4 think about how you make a difference for others. When I am thinking about the variety of activities and options before me, I can examine them in light of my list and callings.

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