Good Wood: The Story of the Baseball Bat

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(ebook) Good Wood: The Story of the Baseball Bat

The Economist apps. More up icon. Baseball bats The magic of maple A story especially for those not watching the football print-edition icon Print edition United States Jun 15th louisville, kentucky. The countless cylinders of wood stacked up against the walls can be cut into sluggable shape in under a minute. The bats then get dunked in paint recently they were pink for breast-cancer awareness and are allowed to drip dry. Many are made to the specification of major league stars, who tend to order several dozen of their favourite model each year.

This factory, which has been turning out bats for years, is the big leagues' leading supplier and has long since become part of baseball lore.

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But recently it has had to adapt to a revolution in the bat business. Mr Bonds is no slouch as a slugger: on May 28th he passed Babe Ruth's year-old record for career home runs, with He now lags only Hank Aaron on the all-time list.

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Among Mr Bonds's secrets is a new sort of wood for his bat. This innovative finish reinforces the bat with twice its regular hardness.

These bats will not break easily! However, for an added price, you can customize your bat with a number of different colors and style options to make a really unique bat that fits your personal style. Thus, having a bat designed and inspired by such a high-caliber pro is something that few bat companies can deliver on like Marucci does. The end is cupped, which makes the weight distribution a little more even. Together, these specifications produce a top-heavy bat that actually feels balanced. Marucci makes all of their Pro-model bats from only the highest quality, Pennsylvania lumber they can find.

This helps ensure that all of their bats are durable, high-performing and flawless. Additionally, they make every one of these bats by hand and in small batches. While this may slow their production rate, it means your bat will be made precisely to your specifications and without error. Then, they bone rub the surface to close the pores and seal the stain in to make sure that look lasts. This bat cut has a flared knob, slight end load and heavier barrel, compared to other youth bats, at 2.

This added mass in the barrel puts more power behind each swing. However, with the thin handle of the I13 cut, there could be some issues with the bat breaking. That said, Victus backs this youth bat with a day warranty. Sure, most bats allow you to choose color options and Victus has plenty of those , but this bat company also allows you to choose the material, between ash, maple or birch.

This gives a lot more freedom with the bat you order. You can also personalize your bat further with your name and some sticker graphics on the barrel or knob.

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Victus handcrafts each of their bats, which puts a week wait on any ordered bats you can pay extra to express it to one week. They put a ProPACT finish on each bat, which helps protect the colors and stains , while simultaneously enhancing the overall integrity and strength of the bat. This revolutionary design is catching a lot of attention lately and their wood bats are being used by pro players like Mookie Betts.

While cut bats are typically closer to the end load spectrum, this cupped end of this bat produces a much more balanced swing. Thanks to the patented Axe handle, the player is able to produce more bat speed.

The faster taper of the bat, which displaces more weight in the barrel, is greatly helped by this added speed. Since the handle allows them to swing faster, they put more speed behind the mass-heavy barrel. The result is some seriously powerful contact. The traditional knob of most wood bats can actually lead to injury. This can cause nerve damage and even fracture the hand.

DeMarini has shifted their focus away from full wood bats.

Bat Review: Louisville Slugger MLB Prime America Wood Bat

In previous years, they had a broader selection of these types of bat. Today, they only have one model, which is a maple composite bat. The good news is that it is available in all four of the common bat cuts , , and I Thus, most hitters can find a turn that suits their unique batting preferences. The barrel is made entirely from high-quality maple. The handle, on the other hand, is a mix between maple wood and composite materials. This is not common in maple bats.

With the most popular wood bat cut, the Rawlings Velo birch bat has a great balanced feel that is capable of top-level swing speeds in the right hands. The end of the bat is cupped for even greater balance. Birch wood is favorable because it has the soft, flexible feel of ash wood, with the durability of maple. Its drawback is that it lacks the pop that some of the extra-hard maple bats achieve. For that reason, this Rawlings Velo birch bat is best suited for contact hitters that want a fast-swinging, balanced stick to drive balls through the gaps.

Good Wood: The Story of the Baseball Bat

While this bat lacks some of the color design options that other bats have, the white birch matches the light blue handle and Rawlings and Velo logos quite nicely. The bat is fairly priced and may be one of the best cheap wood bats made from birch that you can find.

Warstic Wood Bat Company: Baseball Meets Pantone

His bat of choice is his Custom Pro Old Hickory maple bat. This features an elongated barrel, 2. Not only can you change the color of the handle, barrel and Old Hickory logo, but you can also inscribe your own name to the bat. No matter what wood type you choose, Old Hickory only uses the top grade of wood available. As these are handmade, custom bats, your order may take some time to be processed. While handmade bats are certainly higher quality products, the wait might be inconvenient if you need a replacement bat quickly.

The transition between handle and barrel tapers quickly for a weighted end load that is perfect for crushing balls to unheard of distances. You can choose the inscription, length, weight and cup of the bat. Bamboo is a strong, durable wood, which makes it an interesting baseball bat material.