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This surveillance study identified 1 in 59 children 1 in 37 boys and 1 in girls as having autism spectrum disorder ASD. The guide is organized in two parts.

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The first part addresses common issues that appear in each of the four high school years. The second part discusses cross grade topics. An extensive reference section organized by chapter points parents to additional resources. In part one of the guide the authors address the social emotional and academic issues that teenagers face in each year of high school.

Freshmen are transitioning into high school from middle school. Sophomores are exploring new emotions, new learning activities and new extracurricular activities.

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Juniors are maturing into young adults, learning to drive and taking and assuming more responsibility. Seniors are focused on gaining independence and getting ready to leave home. The second part of the guide focuses on cross grade issues including mental health, drugs, gender and sexual identity, dating, and technology use and abuse. Sensible suggestions delivered with a reassuring, matter-of-fact tone.

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Do you know a child who struggles with worry? Is fear holding them back from being the best they can be?

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Worry Free , author and neuroeducation consultant Noel Foy has developed an actionable approach to worry that will help children process everyday challenges and work through them. With anxiety among children at double-digit growth, adults are looking for tools children can adopt into their daily practice to manage those feelings. So getting a positive review in a publication that both vendors and libraries recognize is really critical to getting your book considered by libraries.

Keep in mind that many of these publications require submission prior to publication.

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Here are the must-haves for your book to even be considered for purchase by a library:. Like bookstores, many public and even academic libraries now offer writing and publishing workshops to their local community of writers and students. If your local library offers such a program, this would be a great opportunity for you to take part and learn what librarians know about publishing.

Ideally, you should be both a patron of your local library as well as a customer of your local bookstore prior to publishing your first book. Like what you just read? Get more author tips and access to exclusive indie resources when you become a BookWorks member.

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Learn how to create meaningful connections between users and your author brand! Understanding How Libraries Purchase First, it helps to understand how libraries are organized and how they make their purchasing decisions. Importance of Reviews For both public and academic libraries, decisions to purchase are typically based on professional reviews that librarians recognize and value.