The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

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Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

Kevin L. Published online: 16 Oct Published online: 16 Jun Published online: 16 Mar More Share Options. This MoU provides for continued strengthening of future cooperation between the BCBS and the IFRS Foundation in achieving common goals that will increase stability and transparency in the financial markets.

There is a real desire for international organisations to be more joined up when developing standards for global finance. This agreement will help achieve that by strengthening and formalising the already high levels of cooperation between the IFRS Foundation and the Basel Committee.

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I welcome this important initiative which formalises and strengthens the existing relationship between the IFRS Foundation and the Basel Committee. I look forward to continuing to build on our constructive co-operation in the interest of enhancing financial stability. The MoU is available to download here. This website uses cookies.

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Definition

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The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

The Reserve Bank today issued updated guidelines for stress-testing of banks which will be effective from April. AIG used CDSs to insure pools of subprime mortgages in transactions that were structurally similar to many capital-to-risk requirements. To curb money laundering and terror financing activities, the international panel on banking supervision today came out with suggestions. Many banks are employing a top-down approach to strategies that help offset the negative impact on profitability of the new regulatory environment.

Some banks in mature and low-margin markets, such as Japan and Taiwan, will need to enhance earnings capacity and their ability to generate capital to meet Basel III. The first Basel agreement on global banking regulation, adopted in , was 30 pages long and relied on simple arithmetic.

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The emerging world should not be pushed towards a framework calibrated for risks in developed financial systems. The RBI has laid out a six-year road map to make Indian banks safer and avoid recurrence of the crisis, but it will need an estimated Rs 1.

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