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A military court found him guilty and briefly demoted him from lieutenant colonel to major. This did not prevent him from attending the armistice negotiations on Rhodes. On 29 June , he was appointed head of all Israeli delegations to the Mixed Armistice Commission meetings. In September , despite being involved in these negotiations, Dayan recommended to Ben-Gurion that the army should be used to open the road to Jerusalem and gain access to the Western Wall and Mount Scopus.

On 25 October , he was promoted to major general and appointed commander of the Southern Command. Most of the staff officers resigned in protest of his replacement of Yigal Allon. Dayan was an advocate of a "harsh" policy along the border. In Jerusalem, he had given instructions that infiltrators killed in no-man's-land or the Arab side of the border should be moved to the Israeli side before UN inspections.

There were also strafing attacks on bedouin camps in the Gaza area.

In September , several thousand more were driven from the demilitarized zone at Al-Ajua [31] During , the remaining population of al-Majdal were transferred to the Gaza Strip [32] [33] In a notorious incident on 31 May , the army forced Arabs across the Jordanian border at 'Arava. IDF squads were sent into the Gaza strip to lay mines. If we try to search for that Arab, it has no value.


But if we harass the nearby village The method of collective punishment so far has proved effective There are no other effective methods. On 8 March , 18 were killed at Idna. On 20 October , two Battalion 79 7th Brigade companies destroyed several houses and an ice factory in eastern Gaza City; dozens were killed and injured. On 6 January , an armoured infantry company from the same battalion attacked a Bedouin camp, Nabahim, near Bureij refugee camp killing Dayan saw it as an "eye for an eye".

In May , he was appointed operational commander of the Northern Command. The year was a time of economic crisis for the new state. His choice for defence minister was Pinhas Lavon , who became acting MoD in the autumn of Lavon and Maklef were unable to work together and Maklef resigned. Dayan was immediately appointed CoS on 7 December On taking command, based on Ben-Gurion's three-year defence programme, Dayan carried out a major reorganisation of the Israeli army, which, among others, included: [44].

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In May , Dayan attended a meeting convened by Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion raised the issue of a possible invasion of Iraq into Syria, and how this could be used to bring about change in Lebanon. Dayan proposed that: [45]. All that is required is to find an officer, even a captain would do, to win his heart or buy him with money to get him to agree to declare himself the savior of the Maronite population.

Then the Israeli army will enter Lebanon, occupy the necessary territory, and create a Christian regime that will ally itself with Israel. The territory from the Litani southward will be totally annexed to Israel, and everything will fall into place.

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Prime Minister Moshe Sharett, shocked by the officers' indifference to neighbouring Lebanon, turned down the plan as divorced from reality. In July , whilst on the General staff, Dayan was party to the setting up of Unit , which was to specialise in night-time cross-border retaliation raids. By October , Dayan was closely involved with The General Staff order stated "temporarily to conquer the village of Qibya — with the aim of blowing up houses and hitting the inhabitants".

The Central Command Operation Instructions were more specific: "carry out destruction and maximum killings. It was the last large-scale IDF attack on civilian buildings.

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Dayan merged Unit with the Paratroopers Brigade and assigned its command to the commander of who had led the Qibya attack, Ariel Sharon. Dayan had a difficult relationship with MoD Lavon. There were issues over spending priorities and over Lavon's dealings with senior IDF members behind Dayan's back. This ended with Lavon's resignation over who ordered the sabotage operation in Egypt, which led to the trial of a number of Egyptian Jews, two of whom were executed.

We cannot save each water pipe from explosion or each tree from being uprooted. We cannot prevent the murder of workers in orange groves or of families in their beds. But we can put a very high price on their blood, a price so high that it will no longer be worthwhile for the Arabs, the Arab armies, for the Arab states to pay it. Prime Minister Sharett was an advocate of restraint and was not as confident in the attacks' effectiveness.

When seeking approval for operations, Dayan downplayed the scale of the raids to get approval. There were fewer large-scale cross-border raids in Fifteen of the dead were civilians: farmers, shepherds, and a doctor; two were women. The IDF force consisted of paratroops and suffered 14 dead; 36 Egyptian soldiers were killed as well as two Palestinian civilians. Ben-Gurion and Dayan had told Sharett that their estimate of Egyptian casualties was Operation Elkayam directives called for "killing as many enemy soldiers as possible". The police station and a number of other buildings were blown-up and 72 Egyptian and Palestinians were killed.

Between and , Dayan and Shimon Peres negotiated a series of large weapons contracts with France. On 10 November , an agreement was signed for the delivery of AMX tanks and assorted anti-tank weapons. The Mystere were in addition to 53 already on order. At the end of September , a further Sherman tanks, half-tracks, and 6x6 trucks were added. By the beginning of November , the Israeli army had tanks.

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Following the elections , Ben-Gurion resumed his dual role as prime minister and defence minister. Dayan, who believed in the inevitability of the "Second Round", argued for a preemptive attack on Israel's neighbours, particularly Egypt. Forty-eight Syrian soldiers were killed as well as six civilians. The Egyptians did not react.


A Cabinet meeting on 15 December voted against further provocations and ruled that any retaliation attacks must have full Cabinet approval. Fifty-eight civilians were killed, including 10 children. It is not clear whether Dayan had Ben-Gurion's approval to shell the city. During September—October , as plans began to mature for the invasion of the Sinai Peninsula , Dayan ordered a series of large-scale cross-border raids.

On the night of 25 September, following a number of incidents including the machine-gunning of large gathering at Ramat Rachel in which four Israelis were killed, and the murder of a girl southwest of Jerusalem, the th Battalion attacked the Husan police station and nearby Arab Legion positions close to the armistice lines. Thirty-seven Legionnaires and National Guardsmen were killed as well as two civilians. Nine or ten paratroopers were killed, several in a road accident after the attack.

The attack took place on the night of 10 October and involved several thousand IDF soldiers. During the fighting, Jordanian troops surrounded a paratroop company. The Israeli survivors only escaped under close air-cover from four IAF aircraft. The Israelis suffered 18 killed and 68 wounded; Jordanians were killed. In the aftermath, paratroop officers severely criticized Dayan for alleged tactical mistakes. It was the last time the IDF launched a reprisal raid at night. It was during his tenure as chief of staff that Dayan delivered his famous eulogy of Ro'i Rutenberg , a young Israeli resident of Kibbutz Nahal Oz , killed by Egyptian soldiers who ambushed the kibbutz, in Dayan's words became famous quickly and has served as one of the most influential speeches in Israeli history since.

In forceful terms, Dayan condemned the killing and said,. Until , he was the Minister of Agriculture. Prime Minister Levi Eshkol disliked Dayan. When tensions began to rise in early , however, Eshkol appointed the charismatic and popular Dayan defence minister to raise public morale and bring Rafi into a unity government. Moshe Dayan was covering the Vietnam War to observe modern warfare up close after he left political life.

In fact, he was on patrol as an observer with members of the US Marine Corps.

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  • Although Dayan did not take part in most of the planning before the Six-Day War of June , he personally oversaw the capture of East Jerusalem during the 5—7 June fighting. At this time, Dayan was the leader of the hawkish camp within the Labor government, opposing a return to anything like Israel's pre borders. He once said that he preferred Sharm-al-Sheikh an Egyptian town on the southern edge of the Sinai Peninsula overlooking Israel's shipping lane to the Red Sea via the Gulf of Aqaba without peace, to peace without Sharm-al-Sheikh.

    He modified these views later in his career and played an important role in the eventual peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. Dayan's contention was denied by Muky Tsur, a longtime leader of the United Kibbutz Movement who said "For sure there were discussions about going up the Golan Heights or not going up the Golan Heights, but the discussions were about security for the kibbutzim in Galilee," he said. This is something we've known for many years. But no kibbutz got any land from conquering the Golan Heights.

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    People who went there went on their own. It's cynicism to say the kibbutzim wanted land. There is an element of truth to Dayan's claim, but it is important to note that Israel regarded the de-militarized zones in the north as part of their sovereign territory and reserved the right to cultivate them—a right that the Syrians consistently resisted with force.

    Syria also worked to benefit from the Jordan river before it flowed into Israel, aiming to get use of it as a water source; Syria also actively supported Palestinian resistance movements against Israel. Israel occasionally exploited incidents in the de-militarized zones to strike at the Syrian water diversion project and to punish the Syrians for their support of the Palestinian resistance.

    Dayan's remarks must also be taken in context of the fact that he was a member of the opposition at the time.