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Anyways, I present to you: the Urgle God! A new event boss idea I came up with in this thread. Projectiles: Screen Shot at 9. It gains brief invulnerability every time it teleports. Whenever it teleports, it fires a damage ball at the nearest player within 80 tiles. When it is hit and damaged by a projectile, it moves on to the next phase.


Phase 2 - Oh god please no In this phase, it first teleports to the middle of the godlands and summons all active event spawns - including Nest and Lost Sentry - to it. Then it spawns the normal Trap Elements in a 60x60 tile area while firing its shots.

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The catch here is that it fires so many Trap Elements that the entire screen is covered with the beams. In addition these Trap Elements only inflict armor break and weak.

Throughout this phase the Urgle God fires alternating circles of 4x damage balls and 8x damage balls every 2 seconds. In this phase, it rapidly spawns normal Urgles all over the map at a rate of 10 Urgles per millisecond. This is to ensure that players will have a fun time fighting events later.


Instead of dying, the Urgle God begins its final phase for 60 seconds before dying. It fires of its damage piercing projectiles every second in a 1 degree arc, which promotes the dodging aspect of realm. The difference here is that these projectiles have 80 range. It rapidly chases the nearest player while summoning indestructible Trap Elements that never go away at random locations within a 10 tile radius.

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The Urgle itself explodes in a ball of 45x damage balls every 2 seconds in an arc of 8 degrees. If there are no players within 40 tiles, it teleports to a random location within 10 tiles of the nearest player. It disappears after seconds. Their muscular exterior creates a shell around whatever pet they have ensnared with their traps.

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Spider Den. Tips and Strategies This monster likes to spew stationary invulnerable blobs that rapidly shoot various status-inflicting shots in a single direction; effectively creating a web or shield of sorts making it harder for the Sword classes to get in range.

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